The first world open diving championship
in "under-ice direction-finding"

Date:  February 18-19 2017
Place:  Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Russky Island,
Russky Island sports club water area


Anyone can take part in the competition who is qualified for ice diving. Participation in the team competition requires a minimum of three members from each team.



The regulator with a dry chamber; buoyancy compensator or sidemount; mask, fins; helmet, gloves; weight belt or cargo system; knife; pony cylinder; compass; harnesses ends.
All necessary equipment can be rented in the "Sea Frogs" club.


The order of the competition:

- A series of lanes is sawed in the ice along the wind rose. A buoy marker is set in each lane. A plate with the serial number is set next to each lane.

- Each participant is invited to do the under ice route, consisting of three segments between lanes. The segments are designated by lanes serial numbers (eg: 2-4; 4-9; 9-3). The routes of all participants are identical in length.

- Each participant is given a map with individual tasks and assigned a serial number. The route is schematically indicated in the map. A participant chooses the path for each segment using the compass before immersion, and writes the data into the chart.

- Passing each segment under the ice when performing the task, the participant sends a signal with marker buoy, indicating their location. The judge records the signals in the accounting statements for the scoring. For each correctly passed segment the participant receives one point. More points are awarded for time spent on the dive. The best time is the minimum time. Additional points are awarded for the first, second and third time – three, two and one, respectively. The winner in the individual competition is determined by the highest number of points. The team winner is determined by the highest average score (total points divided by the number of participants).



The dives are made only with a shotlines, with the use of a knife and a stage bottle. If a participant lack a stage bottle or a knife he gets one penalty point, for lack of a shotline - two penalty points.

An ambulance and Federal Rescue Service rescue team will be on duty to ensure the safety of the competition.





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